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by Life Waster

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Music written and produced by Life Waster. Lyrics by E.M. Rose. Recorded from November 2016 to June 2017, in college dorms and studio apartments.

Life Waster would like to thank -

College, for giving us all of the boredom we needed to make this record, and all of our friends and family who hate Trump even half as much as we do.

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released June 14, 2017

Life Waster is -

E.M. Rose - Vocals, Guitars, Drum Programming
J.D. Lee - Bass, Synth, Artwork



all rights reserved


Life Waster

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Track Name: Narcissus in Remission
Please tell me where to look, so that I may see. Please tell me when to speak, so that I may breathe. Please help me stay alive, keep the light in my eye. Please tell me where to lay, so that I may die. The tubes that feed me and keep me alive have birthed a cancer into my chest that will never be fucking satisfied. This is not a drill. This is not a fucking joke. The vultures are circling in and the desert sun has started to make me choke. I'm dying of thirst but I fear that the rains will wash me away. I'm stuck between the abyss of "forgotten" and the putrid stench of decay. Whatever you do, don't try to save me. I'm not worth the time. I don't know if I'm worth anything at all. Turn the dagger. This is your last chance.
Track Name: Natural Born
You left your confidence in the back seat of your car. It's too late now. One hand on the wheel, one on the bottle. A textbook case of the brink of humanity. Beaten and battered into a shape that no longer resembles itself. We've chosen to revel in the consequence of our self-destruction. Coward. Bastard. Big man when you're the only one with a gun. Buzzcut. No guts. Everything tastes so bitter with gunpowder on the roof of your mouth. Harmless to deadly in 5 seconds flat. You can never be right again. Zero tolerance for human parasites and the ones who create them. Direct line to the next life. This experiment has gone too far. We moved mountains to make way for landfills. We emptied the ashtray into the crown. We never prepared for worst case scenario. We never imagined no-win scenario. This land was your land, or so you thought, but when you're at the end of your rope you can always tie the knot. You worthless bastard. You bit off more than you could chew, but you won't look so good when they release the hounds and they come for you. Nobody would ever live for you, but you wouldn't go lying down. Nobody would ever die for you, but you wouldn't take no for an answer. You never deserved to live.
Track Name: Iniquity Hymnal
There was blood on your hand when you reached out to me, and when you turned your palm down your other hand was on my leash. The lizard tongue caresses and speaks soft lies. It loves the taste of allegiance, and the martyrs seeking glory in nothingness. I wish I could be so naïve. I wish I could be so tone deaf. I can't seem to pull my head out of the dirt. I'll never worship the crown of shit. I'll never wear the robes of filth while your itchy trigger finger is on the pulse of the brink. The kings have returned to fail once again. This time there won't be a next time. No fucking sympathy, no second chance. Behind closed doors is where the vermin go to congregate. Dead set on blind hate. Behind closed doors, the plague has broken through the skin. So this is how it begins.... Pathetic. The sun came beating down and the rats all ran for the shade. The disease had spread in the darkness until the structure decayed. Sickness grows stronger in numbers. Death cannot come soon enough. What if we were always wrong? We can never go back. Never speak ill of your master.
Track Name: The Disease is Spreading
This home is not safe to live in anymore. The storm is coming faster than we realize. The plague has wiped out half the town. The waters are rising. The roof has caved in and the floods are starting to fill the room but there's no way out and we can't hold our breath so we'll have to make peace with drowning. This is all too real. This is what we bargained for? One more scratch to line the wall of the cell. The ceremony has found its sacrifice. The worst of humanity has come to fruition. I hope to God there's a Hell; I need something left to believe in. When we add up all the numbers, we only get the same results. There's no future in the past, but we're endlessly walking in reverse. We twisted our minds into a fetish of our own creation. We crawled around on all fours to lap up the fluids they gave us. We willingly tied our hands to the post, hoping master would keep us fulfilled. We should have seen the signs and turned away before the lights faded to black. We're well on our way to armageddon. The train is starting to derail, and when I look back at all the fucking mistakes we've made, I can't help but think that we're never gonna learn our lesson. We're always caught between catastrophe and another vice to drown our sorrows in, but when the bottle starts to empty, we all have to stand trial for the crimes committed in our name. We can't hold much longer and the rope is starting to break. The damages of hubris encircle us as we celebrate the one thing we promised we would never let happen. No more patience for tyrants. No more fucking second chance. I can't wait to see you die. I want to hand the gun to the one who makes you extinct. If you had half a mind, you would do it yourself. There's no reason for you to be. If you had a fucking conscience, you would remove yourself. There's no reason for you to be. Turn the dagger. This is your last chance. End it now.